What I Wore: Christmas 2014 and New Year 2015

It’s been a while that I posted here but now that I’m back let me first greet you all “Happy New Year!” May we all have a blessed and productive days ahead with God’s blessings!
To start with, let me show you what I wore last Christmas eve:

This is my second time wearing this Romwe Square Neck Short-sleeved Pleated Red Dress. The first time was last year’s New Year’s eve. I wore it before with cream pumps for a casual elegance effect, so I thought …he..he..he…:

For the same dress, I paired it with denim jacket and gladiator ankle sandals to keep the look casual.

On the other hand, I wore two dresses for our school’s New Year’s Party. The first one was used for our dance number (We danced All About the Bass by Meghan Trainor). 
For other ways to wear this Floral Embossed Zippered Pleated Sleeveless Rose Dress, just click HERE
Here I am with my colleagues. I wonder how our dance turned out because the video wasn’t uploaded yet :)  
I wore Hollowed Flower Details Black Lace Short Coat over my dress when I arrived at the venue because it’s so cold..grrrrr…

Sorry guys for the low quality of most of my photos here because I just used my phone’s camera.

After our dance number, I changed my attire to nude Cut-out Backless Peplum Dress. I wore the same dress about two years ago during our Heart to Heart Banquet

I want to thank my dear sis, Yvonne, for doing my make-up and hair! You’re the best sis!


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