My “No Makeup” Makeup Look feat. Seventeen Day to Night Make-up Kit

Next month, we’ll be back to school and as always I’ll wear my natural, no makeup look :

Do I look like I’m not wearing makeup at all? he..he..he…

 To achieve this look, I’m using Seventeen Day to Night Make-Up Kit:

 The “How To” guides help a lot in pulling off perfectly natural or no-makeup looks.

Before applying these beauty products, I prep the face first-applying cleanser , then moisturizer. Next toning the skin by using toner before concealing the flaws (I have chickenpox and pimples scars on my face). Finally, I apply powder. You can check HERE my skincare routine. 

After prepping the skin, I applied the “Day BLUSHER” to give my cheeks that natural, subtle flush.Then I proceed to defining my eyes and lips. As I mentioned earlier, the “How To” guide is a great help especially for makeup newbies.

1. Using the day time eye shadows, work the darkest eye shadow into the outer corner of the eyelid, blending inwards towards the middle of the lid. Use the medium eye shadow from the inner corner into the middle of the lid, blending the two colors together in the center to give a graduated effect.

2.Add a soft lining of the eye pencil and smudge as required to soften the look for daytime.

3. To finish, blend the lightest eye-shadow into the inner corner of the eyelid and a little onto the bottom lash line to give eyes a real sparkle. Complete the look with a coat of Seventeen Va Va Voom mascara (for me, defined lashes are essential, even for a no-makeup look) and a slick of the lighter shade of lip gloss (if possible, pick a shade that matches your lips exactly) .

Even though I have thick brows, I don’t leave them just as they are. I softly fill in any sparse areas with a brow pencil. I see to it that I fill in really lightly so it’s barely there. I brush through brows with a spoolie to blend out the color and soften any harsh lines. What I love about having defined brows is that it helps frame my entire face and bring out the natural beauty of the eyes.

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