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fab momma

Fab Momma is a personal blog of a fabulous momma named Bambie. She’s the mother of a 15-month old toddler named Azumi. She’s a Filipino married to a Japanese and currently living in Tokyo- a fashion capital!

This fab momma loves pink (me too 🙂 ). Her blog’s template is shaded with pink- a color that adds interest and vitality instantly. The overall layout is created to create a soothing mood. This mommy knows how to tweak layout codes to suit her personal taste. I love the widgets added above her header to inform the readers of her other social networks like facebook, twitter, you tube and flickr. She took into account her blog friends’ birthdays, too and greet them on their birthdays. That is so sweet of her. You can contact her through her “Contact me” page. It means that she really cares about her readers and visitors as well.

In Fab Momma , the author writes about her personal life- her love, her favorites, things she adore and delectable food she prepares for her family. I love the way she has written :write: her articles in a relatable and personal style. I love the emoticons that goes with them. They look so cute…so kawaii 🙂 !

fab momma2

This Fab Momma really knows how to  how to wear clothes that look sexy even after giving birth. This photo oozes with confidence. She’s an inspiration to all mommas out there (that includes me :smile2: ). Her  persona teaches me that when you look sexy, you feel sexy and feeling sexy means feeling good about yourself. When you wear clothes that make you look sexy, you will have more fun throughout your day. Are you with me?

A rule of thumb for us mommas: Let’s try new things and new looks and learn to enjoy and have fun with fashion amidst being caught up in the pressures of family or work ( as a homemaker or a career woman). Being a mom doesn’t mean  throwing away our favorite color lipstick or pair of boots, cutting our hair off or donning sensible shoes and a twin set 🙂 . Let’s try not too appear too old for our age or trying too hard to look young :thumbsup: . Let’s get fab with Fab Momma!


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    OMG OMG OMG!! thanks sis.. nakaka-touch ka naman.. this is a great review. Kinikilig ako habang binabasa ko to.. its really inspiring. DI ko pa nga naatapos yung birthday links ng mga fab mommas online. Im now more motivated.. thank dear :thumbsup:

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