When not to wear chunky bracelet?

Chunky bracelets are sizable pieces that make use of big beads, large chains, cuffs and charms – anything that is colorful and in no way understated. The trend was begun by Hollywood celebrities and stars and the rest of the world looked up, took notice and follow the trend. Since then, women of all ages have sported chunky bracelets.

Regardless of whether you’re wearing a plain white tee or a little black dress, chunky bracelets really work to put a little spice and zing to it. Cool wooden beads, shimmering Swarovski crystals and big metal cuffs send a not-so-subtle statement about your unique fashion sense. But there are some instances when you can’t wear chunky bracelets for safe purposes (not to spoil your bracelet and not to be injured with sharp edges,if any) :

  • when carrying babies
  • doing many household chores
  • swimming
  • taking part in sports events.


what a statement you can make with all those thrust bearings -like bracelets!

I have never, ever worn a chunky bracelet…not yet. I like the look of statement chunky bracelets, cuffs and bangles on others, but steered away from the look myself because I thought that the chunky styles I preferred would be too heavy and wouldn’t work on my dainty wrists. I also worried that they would get in the way when I worked with preschoolers. Why not I give it a try? I’ll never know whether something will work until I’ll actually try, right? I could wear several slim bangles but I’m worried that the nice tinkling sound it makes whenever I move may disrupt the attention of my little tots in school. A single, large cuff may works perfectly fine with me. I eyeing for the one that has a vintage design. A cuff will serve to add a muted sparkle and shine to suits and even jeans.

Say goodbye to the quiet and understated, and say hello to accessories that pop like chunky bracelets. They add an air of spark and funk to your appearance. These bracelets bring out the color and fun to any outfit – be it your business suit, t-shirt and jeans or a day dress.

One more thing- consider the occasions on wearing chunky bracelets. Be sure you wear your chunky bracelets down pat so that you have a look that you can be proud of – one that says “look and notice” and not “Help! Fashion emergency!”



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