Shopping Bag #1- Shopping for Wardrobe Essentials

The SALE sign 50-70% is again displayed in our favorite clothing lines -AIIZ Career and ESP! Sale means shopping opportunity for us! It’s time to buy those clothes that we’re eyeing for couple of months now. It’s time for them to be put into good use. It’s time for them to pass the Honeywell Barcode Scanner , be paid for half of their original price , be loved and folded neatly in our closet and finally be able to fulfill their destiny- to wrap someones body for comfort and style!

AIIZ Career offers selection of  clothes perfect for career women-chic, comfortable and affordable!
ESP offers clothing perfect for career men- with style and quality!
Here’s what inside our shopping bags:

1. Pink Blouse. If you know me, I have a soft heart for anything pink so this AIIZ Career blouse is an added blouse in my wardrobe. Because I’m a teacher and we don’t have uniform in school, my wardrobe should consist of a number of different blouses in which I can go to work. This will go perfectly with skirts, pants, and it can be worn not only in everyday life, but also in the solemn moments. It’s original price is 990 baht and I only have to pay half of it.

2. Blue casual pants. This AIIZ Career casual pants is very soft and comfortable to wear. I could  pair this one with the pink blouse. It’s suitable for wearing in any season. Original price is 1,400 and I paid only half of it.

3. Long Cardigan. This AIIZ Career long cardigan is super soft.  I think this off- white cardigan fits everyone and is easy to match any clothes I’ll underneath.I, admittedly, used to think that big, huge, draping cardigans were dangerously close to turning a put-together outfit into a complete frump-fest, but after seeing some seriously stylish women rock these ultra-versatile garments, my mind was made up: these fabric-tastic piece is absolutely essential. super-long hems at front available in black and blue.  It’s versatile with an edgy attitude. It’s only 1,400 baht and I paid only the 50% of it.

Hubby’s shopping bag consist of ESP cotton jacket with hood dispensable for someone who travels by motorbike. With a 50% off, it’s bought for only 1,750 baht.

Because hubby’s also a sports enthusiast, he couldn’t resist buying this basketball ball after seeing from Sports World that it’s 30% off. He only paid 890 baht after the discount.

We’re happy and contented of what we bought. They’re not only of good quality and on discounted prices, they’re essentials for us!

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