Shopping#2: Great finds during Greenway Shopping

During our quick visit in Greenway Shopping Night Market, we find a very alluring scent that could turn heads toward your direction. It smells sooo sweet like you came out so fresh from shower plus it came from a very unique and cute container so this perfume doesn’t fail to impress me. Moveover, it’s in pink and you know I can’t resist anything that come in pink! Here’s my new fave perfume for the month- Zeell’s Passion:

In school I noticed that students and teachers alike made perfect buns like what I saw in Korean movies so I tried to imitate them by purchasing the following hair accessories that could help you make perfect buns:
Hair Donut is perfect for that instant upstyle

This BendyWand is a  flexible metal covered with fabric. It was about an inch wide and 8 inches long when it was straight. It you hit the straight bun maker against your wrist it will curl around your wrist (not unlike some metal bracelets I remember seeing). To use you wrap your hair around a straight “bun maker” until you roll all the way to your hair roots. Then, you click/slap the “bun maker’ so it curves and it’s makes a perfect hair bun that really holds, even with thick hair.

my messy attempt with hair donut…he..he…gotta perfect this next time:)
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