What I give on Christmas and Boxing Day

Every Christmas, I made it a practice to give something to my girl friends as a way of letting them know that I remember them on this special holiday. I love giving and I never expected anything in return. Last year, I gave them memo pads with their beautiful faces and names on it. This year, it’s something more useful- coin purses and charm watches with designs I personally made. I’m soo glad that they love them.

I should have known that I could continue online shopping the day after Christmas to buy gifts for New year celebration. They have this holiday called Boxing Day. Historically, this holiday got its name because boys would go around collecting money in clay boxes, and then break them open when they were full. Now, it’s a bank holiday, as well as one of the biggest shopping days of the year. Stores open absurdly early and offer awesome sales and deals. All I have to say is: ANOTHER Black Friday?! Except this time, you get to buy yourself the things you didn’t get and they’re on super SALE?! For example on Amazon. They’re offering a huge selection of items marked for year-end deals. One of the hottest holiday items, the Kindle Fire, is only offered for just $199. A five-inch widescreen Tom Tom GSP device is for just $79.99. An Olympus PEN E-92 12.3 MP Micro Four Thirds Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera for $479.95, marked down from $1,099.99! DVDs and video games are on sale for as low as $8 and accessories, like headphones and iPad cases, are marked down over 50 percent. The GAP offered up to 60 percent off all men’s, women’s, boys’, girls’ and baby clothing! All you need to do is just enter the code “GAPSALE” when shopping online for an extra 20 percent off. This deal is good until Dec. 27. Oh I missed it but I’m getting ready for it this year! I’m saving now to join the fun of best buy boxing day sales this year!

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