How Can You Save when Shopping Online? Use Coupons. Use!

I started appreciating coupons when I became a new mom. At first, coupons seem to make some small changes but once you started using them you can appreciate how you save more than you ever imagined at the grocery store in the long run.
One example was a recent sale here at Big C Extra Department Store. They had “Buy 1, get 1” half off on a gallon of Foremost Fresh Milk. By using a coupon for the fresh milk as well as the Big C card rewards coupon, the savings I get for the fresh milk doubled to $5.00! I end paying only less than a dollar for 3 gallons of milk!
That’s what a lot of savvy couponers know. You use your coupons in such a way that you save the most money. Some shoppers end up getting money back from couponing because they know the ins and outs of how to get the best deals and even end up getting free stuff!
Now that I fall in love with collecting and clipping coupons, I started exploring and using online coupons. The first experience I had was on renewing my domain at With suggestions from fellow bloggers, I research for sites that give out discount coupons for domain renewals. I used one and instead of paying about $12 I just pay $7. It’s a $5 additional savings for me.
When you start couponing, make sure that you research which stores have items on sale. That way, you can use your manufacturers’ coupons, add them to an in-store coupon and save even more. The same goes with shopping online. There are many sites that cater to the frugal and thrifty moms like me. One of them is Coupon Chief is one of the fastest growing coupon sites, with over 250k visitors/month. They have over 50k online coupons and store discounts from over 15000 stores for apparel, electronics, travel, entertainment and more-include office equipment (computers and printers), office supplies (at Staples and Office Depot), office furniture (chairs, lamps), electronic devices (monitors, surge protectors) and even travel expenses (Expedia promotions)! There’s no doubt that because of this, Coupon Chief earned the reputation as one of the largest databases of online coupons on the net.
Summer time is perfect for Maxi Dresses. I only find elegant maxi dresses from Forever 21 online. So I used Coupon Chief to help me find the best deal and it didn’t fail me- Free Shipping + 10% off orders of $50 or more!
Found a sweet deal from Coupon Chief! (Click to enlarge)
I tried to check out these maxi dresses that I picked from Forever 21 store and entered the discount coupon code:
I heart these maxi dresses from Forever 21!
enter the promotion code here and see if it works
It works!
Using the code entitled me for a free shipping (shipping to Thailand costs about $48) plus 10% discount. That’s about $55.7 savings for me!
What usually stopped me from purchasing online stores is the expensive shipping fee but if it’s always like this that I could find coupons for free shipping, I prefer to shop online all the time. It’s more convenient. I don’t have to deal with crowds. Finally, it offers better prices . One thing which fascinates me about online shopping is the cheap deals and better prices I get from online stores because products come to you direct from the manufacturer or seller without middlemen involved. Many online shops offer discount coupons and rebates. Apart from this, the Online Store is only required to collect sales tax if they have a physical location in our state even if we buy from a store across the world.
You see, couponing is an art that can save you money and be used as a tool to show others how to save – newlyweds and people living on a fixed income could benefit from having someone show them how to make the most of their grocery budget.

How about you? Do you use coupons to save money?

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