Pajama Time

We may feel uncomfortable walking down the city street at 8:00 AM donned only with our pajamas. But watch out, pajama popularity is on the rise after designers like Louis Vuitton and Alberta Ferreti paraded the bed wear on the catwalk during fashion weeks last season. Celebrities have since been sighted in public dressed to go to bed across Europe and the US. Then apparel companies capitalized on this and are now urging customers to surrender to the comfort of leggings and sweatpants, silk trousers and blouses in daily life. US media reported that American teens are falling for the fad as well and want to go to school dressed in their night wear.

I don’t have problem with that as long as you carry it with pride, confidence and style:


A pajama top (yes, you can wear it as a clothing now!)  on skinny black trousers and high-heeled sandals take the top from work to happy hour.


Who says pajama top is only for night wear? Ryan Gosling here looks so polished with his piped pajama top.

I won’t be surprised if one of these days nursing scrubs will grace the runway and become a new fashion trend.

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