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Silver jewellery is a popular choice for many due to its versatility, durability and style. If you want to update your jewellery collection for spring, silver jewellery is an investment you will treasure for years to come.  Pandora bracelets are popular this season as they are the perfect blend of classic and contemporary. Instantly recognizable yet beautifully unique, Pandora bracelets are bang on trend this spring. Here is a guide to creating the perfect Pandora bracelet to suit your personality.

The first step to creating the perfect Pandora bracelet is to put a budget in place. Pandora charms vary in price and boast everything from silver and gold to glass and other precious stones.  Once you have established a budget, you can begin to eliminate certain charms and focus on the ones that complement your price range.

Once you know how much you want to spend on your Pandora bracelet you can begin to create your very own piece of jewellery that is unique to you. Start by picking out a bracelet on which to attach your charms. You can choose from basic bracelets in silver and gold to woven designs in black, white and lilac. Once you have decided on a bracelet, you can then begin to find charms to complement it.

Pandora bracelets can be built up over time but it is advisable to have an idea of the overall look you want to create prior to purchase. If you can, browse the Pandora range of charms online and pick out your favourites. There are hundreds of combinations to choose from ranging from sophisticated to fun designs.

You can make your bracelet as personal as you like using letters that stand for your initials and by incorporating your favourite colours. There are also a number of gorgeous Pandora charms in the shape of handbags, shoes, aeroplanes and cupcakes. You can celebrate certain events in your life by adding a new charm for example a graduation hat or a number charm to commemorate a special birthday.

There is no limit to the amount of bracelets you can buy and you can wear more than one at a time. Wearing silver Pandora bracelets in a stack is a popular trend on the celebrity circuit for Spring and Summer. The Pandora range isn’t solely about bracelets. You can add to your collection with Pandora necklaces and stacking rings in silver and gold.

If you want to get the best deal on Pandora bracelets, go online to see how much you can save. There are hundreds of online stores to choose from and you could benefit from special offers and discounts that are exclusive to online shoppers. Avoid the hustle and bustle of the high street and go online to find the perfect Pandora bracelet.

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