Shopping tips for guys

Conventional wisdom tells us that compared to their female companions; men frequently find it hard to shop in a constructive way. Too often, guys are prone to prioritizing speed and efficiency over trying to enjoy the shopping experience. But fear not; there are ways around this!

Guys who are looking to refresh or reinvent their wardrobes should always start with the simple things – there’s no point purchasing a pair of gold leggings or Cuban heels if you haven’t got the wardrobe basics to go with them. Plain, unfussy white shirts are a must, and the same goes for well-made dark jeans, a patterned (but not too garish) jumper, a pair of black leather shoes – as well as a few other items, these are the essentials you will need to base your various looks around.

It is also vitally important that men don’t commit themselves wholly to embracing the very latest fashion movements. It’s fine to go for the look of the moment, but you should aim for the ‘on-trend’ pieces you buy to have at least some staying power – if the nautical look is on trend, for example, ecru striped t-shirts and polo shirts will still be great years down the line, but you could come to regret it if you find yourself with a jaunty naval cap that will look ridiculous in two months’ time!

One final thing is of utmost importance for men looking to develop a better attitude to shopping. The input of assistants is not to be underestimated: they can often provide invaluable assistance if, for example, you want a truly unbiased outlook on whether a piece will suit you. A professional ‘second opinion’, as it were, may prevent you from making an unwelcome fashion faux pas.

These are just a few of the easiest and most effective ways of making sure that you have a successful shopping trip – but you can also make your purchasing more simple (and avoid carrying around large sums of cash) by shopping with gold cards. The American Express Preferred Rewards Gold Card gives you the opportunity to earn reward points on virtually everything you buy, and enjoy exclusive membership benefits.

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