March Favorites 2014

Hello April! Before I fully embrace this new day (new month) let me share to you few beauty products I’m introduced to last March which I love and can’t help but shop for them again when they’re completely used up.

  • 1 sachet (net wt. 8 g.) – 20 Thb ($0.75)
  • good for 5 days consumption

My younger sister introduced me to Snowgirl’s products and this one has a very good impression on me. Before, I used any facial scrub’s brand and I didn’t notice any improvement on my skin. This particular collagen milk facial scrub does really good “scrubbing” on my face. It became smoother and more moisturized especially that our weather turns extremely hot. I hope that with continuous use, I’ll attain fairer face:) I love the scent too. It’s really milky that leaves you a “milky” smell after washing. My son said ” you smell like a baby, mom” when he kissed on my cheeks!


  • 1 sachet (net 0.5 oz./15 g)- 29 Thb (about $1)
  • 1 box with 6 sachets – 90 Thb ($3)
  • good for 1 month (you only need to apply 1-2 times per week)

Again, it’s my sisters who introduced this product to me. They said that face mask helps rejuvenate skin because of its deeper cleansing ingredients. I tried and after 2 weeks we noticed different glow of my face. My face look more toned and hydrated because the skin has better absorbency of my skincare products such as moisturizer.

  •  2 colors (black and neon blue) – 149 Thb (about $5)
  • with everyday use, still these 2 will last for me up to 6 months!

I totally love these eyeliners! Even the neon blue color can be used anywhere because the color isn’t that striking once applied. Application was made easier because the sticks just glide smoothly either on your upper lid or lower lid. It has staying power for over 12 hours. There’s no need for retouching.

For everyday use, I usually use the black Colorista eyeliner. I just love how it gives extra oomph to my eyes:) .
  •  costs 99 Thb

I’m blessed with thick eyebrows but still I need this eyebrow liquid to tame and set my brows .  One natural shade dresses up all brows. I only use this on photo shoot and special occasion because if I’m not careful enough and apply it on rush hours without waiting for it to dry, my brows will be a total mess! One time, I forgot that I applied this on my eyebrows, I scratched my eyebrows and the brownish gel was scattered all over my face! What a disaster!

  •  costs 149 Thb (about $5)
  • one tube will last for 2-3 months even with daily use

One of my make-up must-haves is mascara because it makes my lashes look darker, longer, and thicker. Mascara draws more attention to my eyes and I can use it alone or to provide a polished look along with eyeliner and eyeshadow. I love how the brush bends. It isn’t hard to wiggle the wand from the roots of the lashes to the tips. It can go on with less clumping and last longer from 7:00 am-4:00 pm.

  • 1 tube (50 ml) costs 430 Thb ( about $15)

I’m a big fan of GINO McCRAY BB Premium Magic Cream but when I used it up completely, I tried this No Make-Up Face Blemish Balm given by my sister’s friend. According to her friend , this is what stewardess usually wear . We’ve been using it for a month already and still the 50 ml has a long way to go- maybe another month before it will be totally used up. With SPF30PA++ on, my face was able to withstand exposure to the sun last month. Going home by just riding on motorbike at 1:00 pm (under the burning heat of the sun!) with only sunglasses and scarf to cover my face for 15 minutes (my routine for 20 school days!)  is enough to give me sunburn if I hadn’t had protection.

How about you? What are your March faves? I love to hear from you :).

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    I am a fan of facial products and the collage milk facial scrub sounds amazing. I would love to try it, but I know they are not available around here. The eyebrow gel is something I could surely use because I am blessed with weird eyebrows and I have to shape them every time I go out of the house. Great beauty products you are sharing. Thank you!


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