Treasuring My Maternity

Because I’m blessed to have a husband who has a passion in photography, he see to it that we’ll document well my second pregnancy. So far, we already had three maternity photo shoots since the 2nd month of my pregnancy:

 2 months tummy

 3 months tummy

4 months tummy

Based on our experience, here are few things we need to consider:

1. Location. Before the photo session, hubby and I discussed where to hold the photo shoot. For the first two sessions, we had it taken at home at night time after our work. We were both busy and we don’t have time to go out even on weekends! Plus, I’m pretty sick all the time during my first trimester, so we don’t have options but to stay at home.

Fortunately, on our latest photo session, we had a long weekend so we’re able to head to Khao Seng, Songkhla to have our first photo shoot outdoor. There were actually lots of people at this place but thanks to my hubby for making me comfortable all through out the session!

2. Wardrobe. What should I wear? This is what I always ask my hubby when we schedule our photo shoot. It’s my hubby who presented the idea and it’s up to me to find the costume.It would be Maternity Dresses in the coming months. So far, we manage to neutral tones. For the coming photo shoots, I want to incorporate jewelry for pop of colors,  fun and fashion statement.

Who says pregnant ladies can’t be stylish?

Aside from jewelry, we might consider adding PROPS to our next photo shoot.

Why are we doing this? This is the beautiful words out from my husband’s point of view:

” I don’t know how it feels to be pregnant! But one thing I know why I had these pregnancy photos taken…it wasn’t for ME, but for the generation following behind. I want my children to know how proud SHE was to be called to be their Mother and what a privilege carrying them was. I also know that if someone handed me photos of my biological Mother pregnant with me…it would mean the world to me.”


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