3 Party Dresses That Will Make You Feel and Look Fab

You may not be a party girl but it doesn’t mean you don’t need to own a single party dress. You need Party Dresses to attend a social gathering like your friend’s wedding, an Acquaintance Party in your school, or join holiday parties like Christmas or New Year with your office mates.

If you don’t want to splurge on party dresses that you think you could wear only one time, why not try to buy first one party dress that you could wear in different occasions-  wedding , Christmas Party or simply to church? You could recycle your dress without sacrificing style (it’s totally the chic thing to do!). Take for example this Chiffon A-line Halter Knee-length Sashes/Ribbons Party Dress from JecicaDress :

Here are 3 ways you could wear it:

1. Wear as it is to Christmas Party with sparkles and pointy shoes.
2. Play it up with kitschy cardigan and festive boots to church.
3. Turn it ladylike with white jacket and silver shoes to a wedding.

If you have extra clothing budget, here are 2 more party dresses that will make you feel and look fab:

Classic LBDs. You see, the little black dress never goes out of fashion but you need to glam it up with some accessories- handbag , shoes and jewelry. You can choose pearls if you want to exude class, or sparkly jewelry and embellishes heels if you like to go festive. 

One-shoulder dresses. Asymmetric dresses are sexy without looking cheap. Depending on your personal taste, you could choose one in different color, lengths and prints. With a longer hemline, you can look classy and feminine. If you choose to wear it shorter, you’ll appear younger and more contemporary. 


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