How Clothing and Accessories Can Enhance a Woman’s Mehndi

Today, a growing number of women are choosing to display simple mehndi designs. They like to show off the elaborate shapes and colors that can help express their own personal style. In addition, many of these women are choosing clothing and accessory styles that complement their mehndi. Discover a few simple ways that an outfit can enhance the look of a woman’s mehndi.

Complementing and Contrasting Colors

A woman with mehndi that features lots of deep purples and pinks may choose a scarf in a lighter shade of either color. This combination helps to balance a woman’s ensemble with her mehndi. Or, a woman with mehndi done entirely in black may choose to wear colorful silk skirts and blouses to serve as a contrast to the dark color of the design. Some women like to wear scarves, skirts and blouses in colors that perfectly match the ones in their mehndi. This is an easy way to bring harmony to a favorite outfit.

Shapes and Hair Accessories

There are many women who like to wear hair accessories such as clips, headbands and decorative combs. Some of these women choose hair accessories in shapes that echo those found in their mehndi. For example, one woman may have several heart shapes in her mehndi. She wears a white headband with hearts on it to complement the designs on her arms. Another woman may have a mehndi that features leaves and flowers. She wears a hair clip that resembles a lovely flower to enhance the appearance of the artwork on her hands. Once again, this is an easy way for a woman to add an extra touch of interest to her daily look. Craftsvilla is one example of a place to find creative design ideas.

Designs and Jewelry

A piece of jewelry can go a long way to enhancing the look of a woman’s mehndi. A woman may have a beautiful paisley design in her mehndi. She wears earrings featuring a paisley design to coordinate with the artwork on her arms and hands. Another woman chooses a bracelet with charms in the shapes of birds to match the bird designs in her mehndi.

Finally, women can explore their creativity and give their style a boost as they choose clothing, hair accessories and jewelry to enhance their mehndi.

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