Spring into Style!

The weather outside is getting warmer and Spring is right around the corner. It is time to put away those drab winter clothes and start getting ready to display your true fashion sense and what better way than buying some new dresses. But not just any dress, but something full of style and pizzazz; a dress that screams out to the whole world that sexy is here to stay!

Betty Page Makes a Comeback
One thing about Betty Page was that she may have been all sugar, but her style was filled with spice. The classic pin-up girl look from the 50’s is back in full force and Folter dresses like the Corset Beater declare to the world Page is back to stay. This beater combines the elegance of the Victorian era with 21st century punk rock gusto. These new style of dresses are distinct in their non-traditional approach to streetwear and blend tough girl sexuality with demuring femininity.

Streetwear For a New Generation
There is no denying that retro is back in a big way. From magazines like Tattoo Savage and shows on television like LA Ink, the classic punk rockabilly look is the new sexy norm. With rockers Joan Jett and celebrities Carmen Electra sporting these rockabilly looks, these designs are catching on like wildfire. From leather skirts to skater dresses, these classy flashy dresses come in all sizes to make any women feel sexy showing off their lovely figure. With spring dresses that pop with hibiscus flowers and palm trees to that little black dress that goes well with some black hair flowers and pumps, a breathtaking look is easy to obtain and easy on the wallet. By adding a false bow belt to to flatter the shape, your level of irresistible will shoot through the roof on a warm Spring night on the town.

Wherever your fashion sense takes you, there is no denying that the Streetwear scene has made a resurgence from its deep slumber and is challenging the status quo by invigorating punk rock staples and kicking the fashion world in the butt with hard rocking feminine styles. From outfits with oversized eyelets to tiny pink silk ribbons, this new fad might be here to stay for a long time and become timeless once again.


  1. Grace says

    You can make your own dress or get dress from Shillas. Use the zigzag stitching option on your sewing machine and use it to sew the edge of the pants . This will prevent the ends from fraying.

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