Things to Consider When Buying Sunglasses

People wear sunglasses for other reasons than to simply prevent the sun from getting in their eyes. Sunglasses are now considered to be a major fashion accessory. All of the biggest movie stars have a favorite brand of sunglasses that they like to be photographed in. People now take the brand of sunglasses they wear […]

How Clothing and Accessories Can Enhance a Woman’s Mehndi

Today, a growing number of women are choosing to display simple mehndi designs. They like to show off the elaborate shapes and colors that can help express their own personal style. In addition, many of these women are choosing clothing and accessory styles that complement their mehndi. Discover a few simple ways that an outfit […]

Three Beauty Strategies That Will Help You Look And Feel Incredible

Turkish jewelry

Feeling beautiful is a reality that can change your entire world. In addition to improving your confidence, looking good shows the world that you love yourself and can therefore attract more love into your life. For these reasons and more, it’s a good idea to access beauty strategies that will help you look and feel […]

Celebrating Pregnancy with Beautiful Portraits Featuring Glamulet Jewelry

The first pregnancy I had was seven years ago. We’re not able to capture my baby belly throughout my pregnancy. We don’t have our camera yet and as much as possible I shun away from camera because I felt so unattractive and fat with my massive weight gain! Now that I’m pregnant again, my husband […]

Functional Day Bag: Fashion and Laconic Solid Color Covered Bag from RoseWholesale

I was invited to review one of the products of, a leading international online fashion clothing store. This online store focused on the very latest and affordable fashion style- trendy fashion clothing and chic accessories. Why their price is lower compared to other online fashion stores? It’s because is already an established global […]

Accessories that Last a Lifetime

  Accessories change the look of an entire outfit and define one’s individuality. As fashion trends change, women also purchase new accessories to match the current trend. Fortunately, there are trendy accessories that can be bought for a song. However, it also pays to keep your vanity stocked with accessories that you can use whatever […]

What we did last Christmas Night

What did you receive last Christmas? What items did you wrap in your gifts? Jewelry? Clothes? Gadgets? excellent flutes cleaning kit at Musicians Friend? Whatever it is, give with love and cheerful heart and it will transcend to your receiver. Every year, it’s always my desire to give something to my friends on Christmas. It’s […]

Brilliant Earth Personality Style Challenge

Three more days and we’ll celebrate Christmas! Have you wrapped your gifts for your special one? I wonder if my dear hubby has ever made up his mind what to give to me….*grin*…Well, I tell you boys, girls always shriek with joy with jewelry gifts. You made it more special if you give jewelry that […]

Christmas Gift Idea: oNecklace Name Necklace

I felt truly blessed when I received a Christmas gift from oNecklace– an international jewelry manufacturer, that deals exclusively with customized name necklaces, name rings, personalized earrings and other personalized jewelry. This was shipped last December 1 all the way from Jerusalem and arrived here in Thailand on December 13, 2013. For me, I find […]