Staying Fashionable while traveling from Amsterdam to Beijing

So you have booked a holiday. That’s fantastic. Holidays can be so much fun. If you are like me though, a holiday is really great if you are getting in with the local culture. Personally, I prefer to travel to a country and explore the less touristy places, which means learning a little of the […]

Patterns and Prints

This season, Simeon Farrar has a brilliant selection of fun and unique tees with a fabulous array of colourful patterns and prints to get you in the mood for summer. With its splash of bright multi-coloured raindrop print, the Rainbow Drop Tee is an ideal choice for the warm days ahead. The loose fit and […]

Pajama Time

We may feel uncomfortable walking down the city street at 8:00 AM donned only with our pajamas. But watch out, pajama popularity is on the rise after designers like Louis Vuitton and Alberta Ferreti paraded the bed wear on the catwalk during fashion weeks last season. Celebrities have since been sighted in public dressed to […]

Would you wear something like this?

One day you would go to a department store and you see someone like this 🙂 : As you see, these clothes appear transparent, while in fact it’s only a paint job. Women’s underwear is painted on the outer side of skirts or trousers, giving transparent clothes optical illusion. I thought at first that the […]

Which is which?

Here in Thailand, they don’t celebrate Christmas (except for us Christians) so you won’t expect schools holding a Christmas party. On December 25 though, we the foreign teachers are allowed to take a leave and celebrate Christmas with our family.But, New Year’s party will be a sure thing to have. The administration already informed us […]

of wearing mini skirts, be cautious!

I’m not really into mini skirts but I dare once to wear for the sake of this blog of fashion exploration…he..he..that at least I could I have some experience with mini skirt. Miniskirts are a fashion classic. Knowing how to wear them will help you stay in style and avoid a fashion faux pas. The […]

fave school uniform

On Mondays and Tuesdays, we could wear anything formal like this: or this: but I love wearing this one! T-shirt and jogging pants with matching rubber shoes (it’s Sketchers by the way…LOL!). Yellow -shirt for Wednesday, pink for Thursday and blue for Friday with the school’s name at the back. I feel so comfy with […]