The 3 Accessories that will make your outfit this summer stand out!

I’m skimming on Glamour magazine and I’m updated with the latest spring accessories that everyone’s wearing now . I have gleaned 3 add-ons that could make me enjoy my summer in in funnier and in more stylish way: cute , colorful and sexy oxfords (photo from: 1. Cute Oxfords. I need cute flat oxford […]

Miche Bag: Women’s new Favorite Accesory!

What’s the disadvantage of having too many bags? You can’t use them all so they just sit in your closet gathering dust ! Another disadvantage of owning more than 5 bags is the tendency of disorientation of where to find important things because of switching purses day after day. Looking for your key or USB […]

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Stone-Brass Jewelries

-CLOSED- Announcement will be on November 17, 2011. Fashion Explorer’s Shop finally launched yesterday! What can you expect from this shop? Fashion Explorer sells trendy, glamorous and of exceptional quality handmade jewelries bought directly from manufacturers in Bangkok, Thailand. This is the reason why you won’t break your bank when you shop with us. WE […]

When not to wear chunky bracelet?


Chunky bracelets are sizable pieces that make use of big beads, large chains, cuffs and charms – anything that is colorful and in no way understated. The trend was begun by Hollywood celebrities and stars and the rest of the world looked up, took notice and follow the trend. Since then, women of all ages […]