Three Beauty Strategies That Will Help You Look And Feel Incredible

Turkish jewelry

Feeling beautiful is a reality that can change your entire world. In addition to improving your confidence, looking good shows the world that you love yourself and can therefore attract more love into your life. For these reasons and more, it’s a good idea to access beauty strategies that will help you look and feel […]

Celebrating Pregnancy with Beautiful Portraits Featuring Glamulet Jewelry

The first pregnancy I had was seven years ago. We’re not able to capture my baby belly throughout my pregnancy. We don’t have our camera yet and as much as possible I shun away from camera because I felt so unattractive and fat with my massive weight gain! Now that I’m pregnant again, my husband […]

Zarop Handbag Giveaway

Let’s celebrate my first post for June with a Handbag Giveaway sponsored to us by Zarop – a leading international online fashion store that focuses on the very latest , chic, affordable , and trendy fashion clothing and accessories. Aside from this giveaway hosted by my blog, Zarop is also having a flash sale featuring […]

How to wear Chiffon Side Vents Full Length Skirt: Casual Days


Few weeks ago I mentioned HERE that I won $100 Sheinside coupon. What did I buy? I choose items that I could not only wear for one specific occassion. I choose items that I can wear on casual days, party, events, sports days and even on both rainy days and sunny days! That’s how I’m […]

Stay on Trend in 2012 with Silver Pandora Bracelets

Pandora Green Angel Complete Bracelet Now from £130.00 Silver jewellery is a popular choice for many due to its versatility, durability and style. If you want to update your jewellery collection for spring, silver jewellery is an investment you will treasure for years to come.  Pandora bracelets are popular this season as they are the […]

Pajama Time

We may feel uncomfortable walking down the city street at 8:00 AM donned only with our pajamas. But watch out, pajama popularity is on the rise after designers like Louis Vuitton and Alberta Ferreti paraded the bed wear on the catwalk during fashion weeks last season. Celebrities have since been sighted in public dressed to […]

The 3 Accessories that will make your outfit this summer stand out!

I’m skimming on Glamour magazine and I’m updated with the latest spring accessories that everyone’s wearing now . I have gleaned 3 add-ons that could make me enjoy my summer in in funnier and in more stylish way: cute , colorful and sexy oxfords (photo from: 1. Cute Oxfords. I need cute flat oxford […]

Miche Bag: Women’s new Favorite Accesory!

What’s the disadvantage of having too many bags? You can’t use them all so they just sit in your closet gathering dust ! Another disadvantage of owning more than 5 bags is the tendency of disorientation of where to find important things because of switching purses day after day. Looking for your key or USB […]

Join Fashion Explorer’s Giveaway

Stone-Brass Jewelries

-CLOSED- Announcement will be on November 17, 2011. Fashion Explorer’s Shop finally launched yesterday! What can you expect from this shop? Fashion Explorer sells trendy, glamorous and of exceptional quality handmade jewelries bought directly from manufacturers in Bangkok, Thailand. This is the reason why you won’t break your bank when you shop with us. WE […]