Three Beauty Strategies That Will Help You Look And Feel Incredible

Turkish jewelry

Feeling beautiful is a reality that can change your entire world. In addition to improving your confidence, looking good shows the world that you love yourself and can therefore attract more love into your life. For these reasons and more, it’s a good idea to access beauty strategies that will help you look and feel […]

Find Cheap Evening Gowns Online

Oh, how I love December! Do you? I love December because we’re going to celebrate Christmas! I love to join the community outreaches of our church. My heart just swell with pride and joy to see and hear children’s laughter as they opened their gifts. It’s the time of the year where I could buy […]

Say YES to Gorgeous Prom Dresses

A family with nine ladies like mine definitely needs gorgeous dresses for special occasions. Just this year, two of them require formal wear for graduation ceremony, two need Bridesmaid dresses, another two want Evening Dresses for Acquaintance Party and the rest of us needed one or two evening wear for formal occasions such as wedding and special […]

How I Wear ROMWE’s On-Trend Striped Leggings

No matter how I tried incorporating floral and colorful colors on my outfit, I’m always drawn to Black and White color combo. It’s attractive, produce a clean image, timeless and right on trend for every season. ROMWE invited me to style their new black and white stripe leggings . First, let me tell you why […]

White as an Angel

What’s in your wardrobe? Even if you’re a casual girl lady like me who goes for jeans and shirt most days, hang in your closet certain dresses for essential moments in your life like attending wedding, social event, party, perfect date , on interview or even going to church. For this reason, there are certain […]

Functional Day Bag: Fashion and Laconic Solid Color Covered Bag from RoseWholesale

I was invited to review one of the products of, a leading international online fashion clothing store. This online store focused on the very latest and affordable fashion style- trendy fashion clothing and chic accessories. Why their price is lower compared to other online fashion stores? It’s because is already an established global […]

Scoop Neck Kitten Print Short Sleeve + Stripes Dress from Sammy Dress

It’s been a year that I’ve been shopping online for clothing. I prefer this way because as a working mom I don’t have time to shop for clothing in the mall. Weekends are better spent on groceries, laundry, household chores, family and church rather than shopping for myself. What I love about online shopping is […]

Dress with batwing sleeves: Yay or Nay?

Do you own tops or dress with batwing sleeves? To give you a picture imagine the flying bat. Just as the wings are attached to the body, the batwing sleeves and the body of the clothing are all in one piece. Its long sleeves have deep armhole, tapering towards the wrist. This kind of sleeve […]