Find Cheap Evening Gowns Online

Oh, how I love December! Do you? I love December because we’re going to celebrate Christmas! I love to join the community outreaches of our church. My heart just swell with pride and joy to see and hear children’s laughter as they opened their gifts. It’s the time of the year where I could buy […]

3 Party Dresses That Will Make You Feel and Look Fab

You may not be a party girl but it doesn’t mean you don’t need to own a single party dress. You need Party Dresses to attend a social gathering like your friend’s wedding, an Acquaintance Party in your school, or join holiday parties like Christmas or New Year with your office mates. If you don’t […]

Treasuring My Maternity

Because I’m blessed to have a husband who has a passion in photography, he see to it that we’ll document well my second pregnancy. So far, we already had three maternity photo shoots since the 2nd month of my pregnancy:  2 months tummy  3 months tummy 4 months tummy Based on our experience, here are few things […]

Say YES to Gorgeous Prom Dresses

A family with nine ladies like mine definitely needs gorgeous dresses for special occasions. Just this year, two of them require formal wear for graduation ceremony, two need Bridesmaid dresses, another two want Evening Dresses for Acquaintance Party and the rest of us needed one or two evening wear for formal occasions such as wedding and special […]

How I Wear ROMWE’s On-Trend Striped Leggings

No matter how I tried incorporating floral and colorful colors on my outfit, I’m always drawn to Black and White color combo. It’s attractive, produce a clean image, timeless and right on trend for every season. ROMWE invited me to style their new black and white stripe leggings . First, let me tell you why […]

White as an Angel

What’s in your wardrobe? Even if you’re a casual girl lady like me who goes for jeans and shirt most days, hang in your closet certain dresses for essential moments in your life like attending wedding, social event, party, perfect date , on interview or even going to church. For this reason, there are certain […]

3 Basic Tricks to Look Better in Photos

I tell you something. I’m a non-photogenic person. The first time my husband accepted the role of being my official photographer, we’re both frustrated because we don’t like the result…LOL!Later on, we learned to work together. He learned where’s my best angle and finding the right light. He’s a patient man but became more patient […]

Key to My Heart

The necklace I’m wearing today bears the word “Key to My Heart”. It’s a four-piece set with slogan pendants (hearts, key, lock and replica of an engagement ring). Cable chains have adjustable lengths and it’s gold-tone finish. Because Valentine’s Day is already on the air, let me share to you a love-related post. It didn’t […]

New Look, New Hair courtesy of Dresslily

It’s typical for Filipino women to have black hair. I grow up feeling proud of my thick, very black , wavy locks. I still remember how my grandma used to apply hot coconut oil on my hair to make it shiny and healthy. In my early elementary days, I recollected that my hair became the […]