Flea Market Shopping

The flea market few blocks away from our humble abode opens every Tuesday and Friday morning only. This is a very large market that has many shops and vendor stalls that sell EVERYTHING – fashion clothes, second-hand items which we called “ukay-ukay” , shoes, pets, toys, plants, pets, tools, music CDs,DVDs belts, jeans, jackets, and […]

Shopping: A Therapy

One great stress-reliever is to go shopping during the weekends. It does not matter what items or products you buy, it can range from clothes, cosmetics, toys for children or toys for the big boys, like Nolan N90. Somehow, shopping is quite therapeutic and can be a really challenging activity, too. Imagine navigating the alleys […]

Shopping tips for guys

Conventional wisdom tells us that compared to their female companions; men frequently find it hard to shop in a constructive way. Too often, guys are prone to prioritizing speed and efficiency over trying to enjoy the shopping experience. But fear not; there are ways around this! Guys who are looking to refresh or reinvent their […]

Shopping#2: Great finds during Greenway Shopping

During our quick visit in Greenway Shopping Night Market, we find a very alluring scent that could turn heads toward your direction. It smells sooo sweet like you came out so fresh from shower plus it came from a very unique and cute container so this perfume doesn’t fail to impress me. Moveover, it’s in […]

Greenway Shopping

My sister, son and I at the entrance of Greenway Shoppi– All tourists in Hatyai City won’t miss thrifting either in Greenway Shopping Night Market or in Puer Thai (Asean Trade Center Night Market). They’re open every Thursday – Sunday from 5:00 PM to 11:00 PM . Last Saturday, our first plan was to stop […]

Online shopping for Christmas

I could smell the sweet aroma that Christmas season has. It’s already around the corner and I started scouting for gifts for my love ones. It is really a difficult thing to make a choice considering the variety of products which you could find both in online and offline market. To make these easy, I […]