Last Minute Valentine’s Gift Ideas

Valentine's Gift

Is it really necessary to give gifts on Valentine’s Day? We aren’t required but we can’t help it to give something to the people we love. Gifts don’t need to be expensive to be appreciated. It’s the thought that really counts. Everyone knows the best gift is the one you make yourself. So today, I […]

My Wood Watch from JORD

Happy Christmas everyone! Christmas isn’t really celebrated here in Thailand except in Christian churches and homes. Anyway, celebrating Christmas isn’t measured on how big your Christmas tree, or if you’ve hung the Christmas stockings , mistletoe , lanterns or turned the Christmas lights on. It’s also not tested on how big , how much and […]

Losing Pounds In Style

Who says that it’s perfectly fine to look frumpy while getting rid of all those extra pounds? Totally not! You don’t have to keep wearing those oversized shirts and baggy pants and you don’t have to wait until you’re all buff to don those sexy workout clothes. Plus size workout clothes now come in avant-garde […]

Palm Sunday 2013

God’s morning everyone! Today is Palm Sunday. We, Christians, celebrate this day to remember Jesus Christ’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem. It marks the beginning of Holy Week, which concludes on Easter Sunday. Thus, Palm Sunday is also referred as Passion Sunday. As the worship team practiced and prepared all instruments as well as procuring extra […]

Up to 70% off Fashion Styles at ROMWE, plus Free Shipping and Returns (21/11/2012-26/11/2012)

My new favorite online fashion store ,ROMWE, is having Black Friday Sale! I really hope you won’t miss this super generous sale. There are over 3000 items with up to 70% OFF from 21st through 26th of this month only!That means you only have 6 days to shop your favorite item on discounted prices starting […]

Can you hear me?

When I gave birth to Hyzyd, he was screened by an audiologist for hearing shortly after birth. This is one of the Audiologist Jobs. They believe that the earlier they diagnose a child’s hearing impairment, the better they could recommend treatment with today’s modern technology solutions. According to the Better Hearing Institute (BHI) study, three […]

Women’s Motorcycle Jacket -Stay Safety and Fashionable with Barbour International Jackets

The first thing I noticed here in Thailand is that almost all female-both young and olds have their own motorbike or scooter. Young two-wheel female professionals were dressed to the nines- including their fabulous high heeled shoes! Their daily commute on motorbikes doesn’t impede their fashion choices! You know what else made their look sleek […]

Shopping#2: Great finds during Greenway Shopping

During our quick visit in Greenway Shopping Night Market, we find a very alluring scent that could turn heads toward your direction. It smells sooo sweet like you came out so fresh from shower plus it came from a very unique and cute container so this perfume doesn’t fail to impress me. Moveover, it’s in […]

The Beauty of Custom Floral Arrangements

It’s Teacher’s Day in Thailand and students prepared something unique to express their true appreciation to their teachers-not the usual bouquet of flowers but custom floral arrangements. Through this kind of customization, they get the chance to perfectly complement and accent a special event’s color scheme and theme. My husband received a beautiful customized flower […]

How to avoid Summer Meltdown


Sliding make-up? Frizzy or fly-away hair? Follow the following foolproof guide I gleaned from old beauty magazines to keep your cool beautifully: You can achieve better staying power with your make-up by making small changes to your morning application. Lipstick Problem: The new sheer formulas tend to bleed and reveal fine lines around the lips. […]