3 Party Dresses That Will Make You Feel and Look Fab

You may not be a party girl but it doesn't mean you don't need to own a single party dress. You need Party Dresses to attend a social gathering like your friend's wedding, an Acquaintance Party in your school, or join holiday parties like Christmas or New Year with your office mates. If you don't want to splurge on party dresses that you think you could wear only one time, why not try to buy first one party dress that you could wear in different occasions-  wedding , Christmas Party or … Read more»

3 Seriously Cool Wedding Dresses- all under $300!

Today, we're invited to attend a wedding celebration of our church mate. The bride looked stunning in her Thai wedding dress. It was a great wedding, they are obviously in love! Do you love to look at wedding dresses and dream of the future when you’ll walk down the aisle? Well, I used to be like that when I was still a little girl. Every time, I'm invited to a wedding or there's a celebrity getting married, I love to see what the bride wears. It's a reflection of her heart. Wedding … Read more»

Treasuring My Maternity

Because I'm blessed to have a husband who has a passion in photography, he see to it that we'll document well my second pregnancy. So far, we already had three maternity photo shoots since the 2nd month of my pregnancy:  2 months tummy  3 months tummy 4 months tummy Based on our experience, here are few things we need to consider: 1. Location. Before the photo session, hubby and I discussed where to hold the photo shoot. For the first two sessions, we had it taken at home at … Read more»

Say YES to Gorgeous Prom Dresses

A family with nine ladies like mine definitely needs gorgeous dresses for special occasions. Just this year, two of them require formal wear for graduation ceremony, two need Bridesmaid dresses, another two want Evening Dresses for Acquaintance Party and the rest of us needed one or two evening wear for formal occasions such as wedding and special date. There are few occasions that my younger sisters need to prepare for . One of these is the Prom Night! Good thing, we don't need to look … Read more»

Celebrating Pregnancy with Beautiful Portraits Featuring Glamulet Jewelry

The first pregnancy I had was seven years ago. We're not able to capture my baby belly throughout my pregnancy. We don't have our camera yet and as much as possible I shun away from camera because I felt so unattractive and fat with my massive weight gain! Now that I'm pregnant again, my husband who gained interest on photography since 2013 would like to take his photography skill to the next level- Maternity & Pregnancy & Newborn Photography with me and our future baby as his "models". … Read more»

My Night Skincare Routine feat. Nivea Make-Up Clear Cleansing Water

Have you read my Morning Skincare Routine post? As promised, I want to share to you my My Night Skincare Routine featuring Nivea Make-Up Clear Cleansing Water: 1. Garnier’s Pure Active Fruit Energy Daily Energizing Gel Wash. This is the same cleanser I used with my Morning Skincare Routine. 2. Nivea Make-Up Clear Cleansing Water.  This is a very effective make-up remover for me. It helps break down dirt and stains from the make-up I used for the day. I applied it on my face twice using … Read more»

My Morning Skincare Routine/ Tips to Prevent Premature Aging


Hello lovelies! I just couldn't abandon this blog. This is my place where I could "cater" my doppelganger...he..he... Anyways, today I'll share to you my Morning Skincare Routine:   My twenties were kind of disaster in terms of skincare. I didn't use cleanser, sunscreen or moisturizer. I didn't even understand the importance of toner. Now, that I'm 34, I've made a much more concerted effort to take care of my face. Thanks to my younger sister's research and experience, I now … Read more»

Last Minute Valentine’s Gift Ideas

Valentine's Gift

Is it really necessary to give gifts on Valentine's Day? We aren't required but we can't help it to give something to the people we love. Gifts don't need to be expensive to be appreciated. It's the thought that really counts. Everyone knows the best gift is the one you make yourself. So today, I prepared a video about Last Minute Valentine's Gift Ideas. You still have time to prepare a little something for the dearies in your life. Hope you like the video I made for you. It means the … Read more»

Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas- 3 Style Ideas

Finally , I got the time to make a video showing our (mine and my sisters) outfit idea for Valentine's Day. My younger sister, Yvonne shows comfortable and sporty look. Dior and Roses print sweatshirt from ROMWE shows love to life. It’s paired with black pleated skirt and slip-on shoes to show off female beauty and energy. Hanging with your girl friends? Try the second outfit shown by my sis, Zizah. It's a denim vest paired with black lacy asymmetrical skirt, also from ROMWE. The black … Read more»

What I Wore: Christmas 2014 and New Year 2015

It's been a while that I posted here but now that I'm back let me first greet you all "Happy New Year!" May we all have a blessed and productive days ahead with God's blessings! To start with, let me show you what I wore last Christmas eve: This is my second time wearing this Romwe Square Neck Short-sleeved Pleated Red Dress. The first time was last year's New Year's eve. I wore it before with cream pumps for a casual elegance effect, so I thought … Read more»